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The Forager Chef's Book of Flora


"Foraging isn’t just an act—it’s a desire to have a more personal, meaningful and gratifying relationship with our food." –Alan Bergo



If you’ve ever found yourself thinking there are no new flavors to be tasted, give yourself the gift of surprise, in the form of a cookbook that’s also a guide to wild plant cooking. Chef Alan Bergo also shows you how to apply a forager chef’s approach to cooking the things you usually get at the grocery store: a nice bonus!

“You see a sunny meadow. Alan Bergo sees a salad: all blue violet leaves and wild carrot tops. This accomplished chef cooks the wilderness. As he grinds flour from tree nuts, makes black walnut honey, braises sunflower heads like artichokes, and invents ‘green electricity,’ a magical lovage sauce, Bergo turns nature into food. With such stylish recipes and extraordinary photographs (Bergo’s own), The Forager Chef’s Book of Flora encourages a whole new world of cooks to explore the wild.”

―Dorothy Kalins, founding editor, Saveur and author of The Kitchen Whisperers


  • If your first, last, and or perhaps only thought is, “I guess I can just saute this stuff,” prepare for a whole new avenue of cooking to open before you.
  • The Forager Chef’s Book of Flora: Recipes and Techniques for Edible Plants from Garden, Field and Forest is like taking a course from an expert forager and inventive chef.
  • By chef and forager Alan Bergo, whose work has inspired people all over the world to find and celebrate the edible plants that are all around us
  • Presented by Chelsea Green Publishing, a leading publisher of books on the politics and practice of sustainable living since 1984
  • 7” x 0.75” x 10” and 288 pages

In the Field with Alan Bergo

The award-winning forager chef takes us into the woods to show us how to make one of his favorite dishes.

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