Moving gif of 20 different squares - each square contains an item of ceramic dinnerware - plates, bowls, mugs. Colors of the dinnerware include sage green, white, blue, cool terracotta, bold orange, charcoal, and neutrals.

Seconds Sale

Shop 40% off retail prices of flawed, but functional pots, with the opportunity to donate to our new Community Partner, Raíces Emma-Erwin, at checkout.

Al Fresco Dining Season Is Here

A collage of various items all against a brown background and centered is text that reads "20% Off Last Chance". Items include dinner napkins, wine glasses, an iron fish pan, a brass ladle, and a glass bottle filled with olive oil.

20% Off Last Chance

Our collection of remaining pottery in our seasonal color, Molasses, and some last chance kitchen and table items are now 20% off. Shop this collection now before it's gone.

On a table with a linen tablecloth, there is a large stack of ceramic plates and shallow bowls, all in off-white or cool white colors, with an orange sitting on top. A cream pitcher with a fern sits to the right.

Pottery Rooted in Home

From our factory in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we make ceramic dinnerware from regionally-sourced materials. Celebrate your daily rituals and build your collection of intentionally-crafted pottery and more.

A factory room filled with machinery with a person in the foreground using his hands to smooth a clay plate

About East Fork

Founded by potters, East Fork is a values-forward, B Corp certified manufacturer of ceramic dinnerware, making a beloved and collectible assortment of pottery in Asheville, North Carolina with clays from the American Southeast.

Our values drive our decisions:
Accountability, Compassion, Equity, Sincerity, Adaptive Tenacity.

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An animated image that says "East Fork is a vessel for" a rotating number of things

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