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Your Go-To Holiday Gift

The iconic and ever-so-giftable East Fork Mug, now comes in three perfect-for-them sizes.

The Mug in Fiddlehead, a mossy, olive green.
The Mug in Fiddlehead, a mossy, olive green, filled with coffee.

in Fiddlehead

The Big Mug in Black Mountain
The Big Mug in Black Mountain, full of coffee

in Black Mountain

A Mug For All

We now have three mugs, sized perfectly for every hand on your holiday gift list. Brighten their mornings all year long with these effortlessly giftable and wildly admired vessels, as well as thoughtful coffee, tea, and breakfast accessories.

The Small Mug in Panna Cotta

in Panna Cotta

hands holding the small mug, the mug and the big mug around a stuck of different sized mugs
How The Mugs Stack Up
The Small Mug

Dimensions: 3.25” x 3.1”
Weight: 12 oz
Holds: 8 oz to the brim

The Small Mug in Eggshell
The Mug

Dimensions: 4.25" x 3.1"
Weight: 16 oz
Holds: 12 oz to the brim

The Mug in Eggshell
The Big Mug

Dimensions: 4.5“ x 3.6”
Weight: 1 lb 5 oz
Holds: 16 oz to the brim

The Big Mug in Eggshell

This is a gorgeous, beautifully-crafted, substantial piece.

— Kelley D.

Woman with short gray hair holds The Mug and smiles


The OG, the East Fork gateway, #TheMug. The only mug we know with its own hashtag and guaranteed to become the mug they'll reach for every morning and carry around with them all day.

Bigger mug = bigger latte.

— Patrice Audette

The Big Mug

It has volume and heft. It’s grounding to hold. It has presence. It’s powerful! Made for those folks who love could really use a few extra ounces of coffee or tea or yerba mate in the morning. We hope it brings them a sense of comfort, steadiness, and stability every time they hold it.

Lui holds the 16 oz Big Mug in Eggshell, on top of her head.

Team Small Mug forever. I don't finish coffee in one sitting. Ever.

— Eli Nelms

Marcuz holds the 8 oz Small Mug in Eggshell up to his cheek

The Small Mug

The Small Mug is a shortie version of the original and—gonna say it—the personal favorite of the majority of Team East Fork. We like to sip slowly and we don’t like cold coffee! It’s just an excellent size for keeping things warm without having to pound it down. Alongside The Mug and The Big Mug, The Small Mug rounds out the mug family so everyone has one that’s just right.

Languid Sunday mornings and hot weekday sips.

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