Glazes / Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Burnt sugar, workbench, leaf pile, earth by moonlight. A honeyed medium brown.

Harvest Moon is a seasonal glaze that we first offered in late 2017, then brought out of the archives again in autumn 2021. Harvest Moon reminds us of so many things: the sun hitting a wooden table in your grandmother’s kitchen, summer mornings that start out like fall, and a box of photographs, turning gold with time. Deep ochre, Harvest Moon might remind you of Saigon cinnamon, fallen leaves or a sunburst Stratocaster.

Harvest Moon plates with dried plants

Person flipping hair holding harvest moon bowls

"Growing up, I hated the Neil Young song, 'Harvest Moon.' It was slow, boring, about marriage or something...a song for old people! And then I aged into my thirties, and one late summer evening I suddenly realized what Neil was talking about. I was on a picnic blanket with my son and my partner, bathed in that gold light of the setting sun, the moon rising on the other side of the horizon, us all smiling at each other, in a moment of not just love but real contentment. When I pull Harvest Moon plates off the shelf, I feel peace: happy with the wisdom and love that accrues as time whittles down." – Catherine Campbell, Senior Brand Marketing Manager

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