Glazes / Rococo


Flushed cheeks in candlelight, filet mignon, bitten figs. An opulent, unapologetic pink.

Flush of Pink

Rococo launched as a seasonal glaze in November 2021. Connie Matisse, our Co-Founder, called it "a rather ostentatious little flush of pink" but for the Materials Team, it was more White Whale: pink is a difficult glaze to produce though offering it had long been a dream. Dream is the word, isn't it? Rococo is Sèvres porcelain, marzipan flowers and parties Marie Antoinette would love. Seasonal glazes are by their nature fleeting, so if you loved it, we hope you made it yours.

"Pink is my favorite color. It makes me feel fabulous! I painted the outside of my house in Mexico all pink, I have pink suitcases, and any time I see someone wearing pink, it makes me so happy! I love surrounding myself with pink and now I get to have all pink pottery. One day if I can, I’ll buy a pink car!" – Karla Valdez, RAM Press Ops Lead

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