Glazes / Taro


Lilacs, chalcedony, violet ice cream. A tender, muted, pastel purple.

"Taro is my mom's favorite color and honestly, mom knows best! It started when my mom and I did a floral arranging workshop at East Fork a few years ago (well before my entrance into the company). We've always bonded over that experience and our Taro vases provided at the event." -Ha Nguyen, Director of Sales


A color of quiet joy, Taro speaks to the slow changes that ferry winter to its landing, flowers in dark soil, new colors of the morning. That's why we offered this seasonal glaze in springtime in 2018 and again in 2021. A few weeks before we re-introduced Taro, an East Fork newsletter featured members of our staff photographed meals they'd prepared on Taro Coupes as a sneak preview. Coupes in core glazes had debuted two weeks earlier.

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