Alex on Well Made

Does being interviewed in a podcast count as officially making it? Listen to CEO Alex Matisse talk about Lizzo and the growing pains of running a company.

If you're taking a roadtrip with Alex, you can expect to pass the time listening to podcasts on content marketing, interviews with CEOs behind buzzy startups, and exposés on venture capital rounds. Or at least as many episodes as he can get through before EF team-toddler Vita suggests the Moana soundtrack. Knowing Alex is a podcast fiend makes it all the more exciting to share that he was recently invited to speak about East Fork's origins and growth on Well Made. Produced by the packaging and branding wizards at Lumi and hosted by co-founder Stephan Ango, Well Made features interviews with the creators of popular online brands. Alex and Stephan talk about Alex's recent musical obsession (Lizzo), East Fork's growing pains and his plans for its future expansion, and paving his own path in the shadow of artistic giants. We think all those hours spent listening to podcasts in the car have paid off, so give his a listen below.

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