East Fork Reusable Bag


An errand companion that'll help you ferret out fellow pot fans. Totes your new favorite bag.



Our packable, reusable bag featuring signature East Fork pots. Goes everywhere, hauls almost anything, and makes a great, all-occasion gift.

Made with recycled ripstop nylon, 100% recycled nylon filament produced from pre-consumer waste, which saves scrap material from being landfilled — made entirely from nylon that would otherwise go to a landfill. This also conserves petroleum resources, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Carries 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff comfortably in hand or over your shoulder
  • Holds up to 50lbs
  • Folds into its own flat 5" × 5" pouch
  • Measures 25 ½" × 15 ½" × 6"
  • Machine washable
  • Made for East Fork by Baggu
An animated image that says "East Fork is a vessel for" a rotating number of things

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