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Sarajane Case

Author, speaker, and podcaster, Sarajane Case's work focuses on the healthy balance between productivity and self-care using self-awareness tools like the Enneagram. She is the creator of Enneagram & Coffee, an instagram and podcast focused on the Enneagram. She's also the author of The Honest Enneagram and co-creator of Your Coffee at Home, an Instagram account focused on making yummy coffee using your at home coffee supplies. To celebrate her newest book, The Enneagram Letters, Sarajane Case sat down with East Fork Co-Founder, Connie Matisse, to discuss the enneagram and the benefits of incorporating it into your company.

“The enneagram is a personality typing tool, it’s broken up into 9 types. Each type has a basic fear and a basic motivation. I think of it as the pressure we carry of who we think we have to be in the world.”

- Sarajane Case

A medium sized ceramic mug with handle in a warm, tan-toned, off-white color featuring iron speckles and unglazed rim and bottom base.
A spoon inside a medium sized ceramic mug with handle in a warm, tan-toned, off-white color featuring iron speckles and unglazed rim and bottom base.

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The Enneagram Letters

Through her poetry and personal essays, Enneagram expert Sarajane Case encourages her readers to embrace all nine personality types within themselves in The Enneagram Letters.

From the writer of the popular self-help book The Honest Enneagram comes a deeper dive into all nine types of the enneagram personality structure and what they can teach us about ourselves. With poetry and essays for each type, The Enneagram Letters teaches its readers to embrace the full range of the human experience.

When we live inside of the constraints of our enneagram type, we are settling for a life in a cocoon. Safe, purposeful, and limited.

Sarajane’s thoughtful insights and beautiful words inspire her readers to feel less alone and encouraged on their own journeys to personal expansion.

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Enneagram at East Fork

East Fork encourages all of our employees to show up as themselves - in their truth, their complications, and their purpose. Additionally, we believe that building a safe and equitable work culture starts not only with employees showing up honestly but with each one seeing, honoring, and working with their colleagues in the same way.

Enneagram gives language to the special quirks that make each of us unique and sets a framework for best practices in terms of communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. The more we know about people we work with, the better we’re able to see them, advocate for them and support them in mutual goals of company success.

About East Fork

[The enneagram] is a very complex system that has so much intricate depth and specificity so when you start to read into it, it feels really invasive and maybe offensive at first and then as you get to know it, it can also make you feel more seen than anything else I’ve ever experienced.

- Sarajane Case

Join the conversation between East Fork CEO and co-founder, Connie Matisse, and Enneagram & Coffee podcast creator and author of The Honest Enneagram, Sarajane Case, as they talk about using the Enneagram as a tool in the workplace.

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