Step Into The Woods

Riparian canopy, bed of moss, forest ferns. A light-drawing, verdurous green.

Eggshell Mug
Eggshell Mug with cookies

in Eggshell


Inspired by the tender ferns that break free of the winter ground, Fiddlehead is here for Spring, bringing with it a steadying energy that fills us with a fresh breath of ease when we’re on foot, on trails, under trees, in forests, and in neighborhood parks.

A seasonal glaze that feels perfect as the weather warms and days grow longer, Fiddlehead will be available through June.

Pair with: forest bathing, foraged foods, and freshly cut flowers.

Dinner Plate in Fiddlehead, a mossy, olive green.
Dinner Plate in Fiddlehead, a mossy, olive green. Pictured with a plate of herbs.

in Fiddlehead

Juice Cup in Fiddlehead, a mossy, olive green.
Juice Cup in Fiddlehead, a mossy, olive green. Pictured filled with milk.

in Fiddlehead

Fiddlehead Pottery

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Setting an Inviting & Cozy Space

Some Fiddlehead inspiration and a Brunch Quiche recipe from Julia Reynolds of Well Nested Home.

An outdoor seating area dressed up for spring: with Fiddlehead pottery, fiddlehead ferns, and cozy blankets thrown on patio furniture.
Connie Matisse sits in her wood cabin outside of Asheville, North Carolina.

Connie's Thoughts on Wilderness

Inspired by family roots, East Fork's CEO builds an intentional container to deepen and sustain her connection to the wild.


In The Dirt With Evan Chender

Known for his produce grown exclusively for chefs, Evan Chender opens up about the highs and lows of farming, deciding how to grow a business, and building flavor.

An off white cake with naturally dyed green sugar piled generously on top.
Italian Prebboggion Ravioli with freshly foraged morels

In the Field with Alan Bergo

The award-winning forager chef takes us into the woods to show us how to make one of his favorite dishes.

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