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Utah, our radiant seasonal glaze that recalls sunlight on desert stone, is in stock and ready to ship now until March 31st.


Utah is a tribute to the wonder of travel, the thrill of seeing a place so wholly unlike that from which we came. In this case, it's the landscape of the desert, its heat radiant on your skin and how you feel changed just by feeling it.

Utah is a warm glow, something sunbaked that casts our other glazes in a new and unexpected light.

Pair with: Hatch Green Chiles, southwestern bean dip, and other earth-toned tools for cooking and eating.

Cake Plate in Black Mountain
Black Mountain Cake Plate with tomatoes on top

in Black Mountain

Toddler Cup in Blue Ridge
Toddler Cup in Blue Ridge filled with milk

in Blue Ridge

Everyday Bowl in Black Mountain
Everyday Bowl in Black Mountain filled with tomatoes

in Black Mountain

Dinner Plate in Blue Ridge
Dinner Plate in Blue Ridge

in Blue Ridge

Coupe in Blue Ridge
Coupe in Blue Ridge filled with pears

in Blue Ridge

Breakfast Bowl in Blue Ridge
Breakfast Bowl in Blue Ridge filled with cherries

in Blue Ridge

Ice Cream Bowl in Blue Ridge
Ice Cream Bowl in Blue Ridge filled with quail eggs

in Blue Ridge

Black Mountain Soup Bowl
Black Mountain Soup Bowl filled with garlic

in Black Mountain

Mixing Bowl in Henri's Red
Mixing Bowl in Henri's Red

in Henri's Red

Popcorn Bowl in Blue Ridge
Popcorn Bowl in Blue Ridge filled with peaches

in Blue Ridge

Great Pairings
A fashion photographer takes a Utah Mug into the desert. The model is wearing a blush colored suit, heeled brown boots, and holding a mug, while positioning herself into the nook of soft Utah sandstone rockformation.
A sporty-looking girl wearing a yellow beanie and blue puffy jacket clutches a Utah colored East Fork mug while camping in the Utah desert
A Utah colored bowl blends into the Utah rock and sage-brush covered landscape.

A Perfect Pot Of Beans

The waiting is the hardest part, as the song goes, but cooking your own beans is the way to go.

A cast iron skillet holds uncooked black-and-white vaquero beans. A dishtowel is wrapped around its handle. Inside, two bowls – one a soft nude and the other an off-white, sit on top of the beans, nestled into one another. The skillet is framed by a large clay square, in the same soft nude as one of the bowls. It's not the most realistic view of kitchen items, but it sure does look nice.

"I love Utah! Utah is soft, warm and somehow modern. Not quite neutral but goes well with so many colors.

The name conjures the American Southwest for me, a place I haven't been but would love to visit. I think of Georgia O'Keefe out there, finding her peace, painting and living a simple life. Sunrises and sunsets. Clay. Old and new. I started collecting Utah to complement my Soapstone when Thistle had been discontinued. I wasn't expecting to, but I liked Utah better. Neither masculine nor feminine, it adds a certain brightness. I love it with Panna Cotta, Morel, and of course, Soapstone."

– Sarah Walters, Lead Sales Associate, Asheville

A stack of nude plates and bowls. Overhead, a hand holds a mug and pours a similarly colored desert sand out of a mug on top of the stack of pottery.
A table setting with three plates in a soft nude (Utah), a burnt red (Amaro), and an off-white (Panna Cotta). The setting also shows brass flatware, a natural-white napkin, and an orange water glass.
An East Fork Mug in Utah, a soft nude color, photographed with crystals, tumbleweed and other mementos of the desert of which this glaze was named.

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